My name is Caspar Viereckel and I´m the founder of tetraplan. My fascination for functional design and the process of invention has led me to study architecture, while my urge always was to build stuff myself. Combining brains, hands, tools and materials towards something new and good is my ultimate goal and drive.

I like things that make sense and work.
If they are affordable and efficient – even better. My projects always focus on squeezing the most possible out of the least necessary.

This philosophy doesn´t mean I was for all-work-and-no-play only. I love quality products and enjoy luxury, but I rather see luxury in a view over the valley through some large (and potentially costly) windows than owning the most complex (and entirely useless, while also costly) roof structure in the neighborhood..!


One basic rule, that I adopted from one of my mentors Ingo Gabriel is, that saving space means saving money means having more money to go traveling, skiing or whatever means something to you. 

The latter being a very important point for us: Anna, my wife, and I moved to Canada in 2015 as a measure of getting away from our demanding careers in an environment, that left no space for recreation or time for traveling. We fell in love with Canada the moment we set foot on it. We converted a 40′ school bus into a “luxury” home and keep traveling overland from project to project and friend to friend – with Summerland in the Okanagan as our home base.











Please download my full CV and project list for more details: