tetraplan defines design+build as a combination of professional architectural planning, construction management and contracting.

With a background of degrees in Architecture and Carpentry/Cabinet Making from Germany along with many years of professional experience in the field of design, planning and the implementation of building projects, we provide the high standards and quality of work you can expect.

We focus on:

   • planning and building of residential and commercial projects
   • construction management, including tendering sub-contracts and quality control
   • the conversion of vehicles into mobile living spaces, such as vans and school buses

We guide our customers from the purchase of a property, building or vehicle to the finishing touches of the project. 

Our architectural planning is based on functionality, energy efficiency and building quality. Sustainability for us primarily is a matter of a smart, flexible and aesthetic design that keeps up with the future life of the inhabitants. We integrate detailed budget planning as well as energy efficiency calculations in the planning process. 

As construction managers, we are the central contact between our customers and all other parties involved, such as subcontractors, building inspectors or municipal authorities. On behalf of our customers, we tender contracts to specialized trades, supervise their work and control the costs. 

Being tradesmen ourselves, we don´t leave the hard work to others: Framing, carpentry, cabinet making and most general construction work can be done by us. We look back on years of work experience in all trades involved and are proud to serve our customers hands-on. Beyond that, we have a tradition of directly integrating our customers in the construction process: We will happily teach you how to swing a hammer and make yourself a part of the crew. 

tetraplan is nomadic – we are serving the province and beyond.